Minerva School on ‘Cult and Craft Production’ in Israel in September 11-15th, 2022.

From theory to reality: Identifying craftspeople and craft organization in prehistory.

Invited lecture by Minerva School Leipzig.

  • Ambassadører: Undersøgelse af forbindelser mellem menneskelig mobilitet og skiftende handelsnetværker i bronzealderen. Foredrag ved ODM-møde, Vejle (14-15. November 2022).
  • Female Mobility in a changing Bronze Age World. Conference presentation at 28th EAA Annual Meeting in Budapest, Hungary (September 2022).
  • The theoretical background in “the things we do” or understanding human behaviour. Lecture at Nordic TAG, Oslo (April 2022).


  • ODM-møde, Vejle (17-19. November 2021): Skiftende Forsyningen med kobber fik stor betydning for udviklingen af metalhåndværket i den nordiske bronzealder: en præsentation af 550 nye viden-skabelige data og deres betydning.
  • Shifting Networks and Mixing Metals: Changing metal-trading routes to Scandinavia correlate with Neolithic and Bronze Age transformations. Presentation at the EAA 2021 Annual Meeting – Session: 501 -Widening the Horizons of Archaeological Metalworking Studies – Archaeometallurgy@EAA, Part 2 – 11. September 2021, 10.30
  • 27th Annual Meeting EAA, online (September 2021): Local or international artefacts? The archaeo-metallurgical difference between ornaments and swords in the Nordic Bronze Age and its im-portance for the organisation of metal craft.
  • Bronzealderens metalhandel: handelsnetværker i bronzealderen og sandsynligheden for Sardinsk metal i Danmark. Foredrag for Moesgaards Venner den 25. august 2021 kl. 19.00, Moesgaard Museum.


  • Invited lecture: “Mobility and Metals. Craft and craft related mobility in the 2nd millennium BC in Northern Europe”, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań (Poland), invited by the Archaeological Department (April 2020).
  • Invited lecture: “Metalwerkstätten der Bronzezeit in Nordeuropa”, Landesmuseum Schleswig-Holstein Schloss Gottorf (18.-19. 03. 2020).

  • 26th Annual virtual Meeting EAA (September 2020) session organiser and oral presentation: Discovering new tendencies in the Nordic Bronze Age.


  • Invited lecture: “Provenance, Transfer and Mixing of metal in Scandinavia´s early Bronze age:  2100-1600 BC”, FLAME-Project conference, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (1.-2. 10. 2019).
  • Invited lecture: „Auf den Spuren der frühen Metallurgie in Skandinavien – Provenienz, Transfer und Mischen von Metallen 2000-1700 v. Chr.”, RGK Frankfurt (11.04.2019)

  • 25th Annual Meeting EAA, Bern (September 2019): The metallurgy of bronze artefacts as criteria to define Bronze Age metal workshops – Limitations and Use of portable XRF, EDXRF and LIA / Shifting Networks and Mixing Metals in the Early Danish Bronze Age.
  • 15th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium, Lund (11-15. June 2019): Provenance studies on metal artefacts of the Danish Bronze Age.


  • Invited lecture: „Metallversorgung und Handelswege im frühbronzezeitlichen Süd-Skandinavien (2100-1500BC) – Denmark’s metal supply and routes of transfer in Early Bronze Age (2100-1500 BCE)“ CEZA Mannheim, University of Tübingen (01.03.2018)

  • 24th Annual Meeting EAA, Barcelona (September 2018): Comparing lead isotope data of metal artefacts with the archaeological evidence / SHIFTING NETWORKS IN THE EARLY DANISH BRONZE AGE. Session organiser (session 247) Gateway or Endpoint.
  • XVIIIe world UISPP Congress, Paris Sorbonne (4-9 June 2018): Shifting networks: Provenance studies on metal artefacts AND Specialisation and specialists in the Nordic Bronze Age: craft technical investigation on metal ornaments.


  • Invited lecture: Typologies and Typological Dating within PhD workshop organised by the Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet): Constructing High Definition Chronologies (23.-24. 11. 2017).
  • Invited lecture: Archaeometallurgical possibilities within biographies of weapons within the MCH-Workshop at Aarhus Unviersity, organised by Helle Vandkilde/ Heide Wrobel Nørgaard: Extracting biographies of violence from Bronze Age weapons (June, 2017).

  • 23rd Annual Meeting EAA, Maastricht (September 2017): Provenance studies on metal artefacts of the early Danish Bronze Age: comparing lead isotope data with the archaeological evidence.
  • Workshop organisation: Provenance & Recycling: On the life history of prehistoric metalwork (Aarhus University, May 2017)
  • Conference Session: 14th Nordic Bronze Age Symposium, Oslo (June 2017): Nobody is Perfect, Contrasts in Craft.

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