Crafting for the God(s) – a lecture on craft theory at the MINERVA School workshop at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv

From the 11th to 15th of September I had the pleasure to present my research and theoretical methodology to craft in prehistoric times at the MINERVA school workshop “Crafting for the God(s)”. The intellectual exchange between the many different research fields gathered at this workshop allowed fruitful discussions and opened my mind to a more ritual perspective on craft.

Horned helmets and warrior ideology in Bronze Age Europe

Today our article “Anthropomorphised warlike beings with horned helmets: Bronze Age Scandinavia, Sardinia, and Iberia compared”, written by Helle Vandkilde, Valentina Matta, Laura Ahlqvist and me, was published open access in Prähistorische Zeitschrift. It includes a brand-new C14-dating of the famous Viksø-helmets, a detailed network analysis of the iconography related to horned helmets and some ideas to how the similarity between Scandinavia, Sardinia and Iberia could be understood.

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